35mm Film is Expensive

Sep 18, 2017

Read time: 1 mins

Churning through hobbies





One hobby that I have always come back around too through the years has been photography. I was once very deep into it, going even as far as running a small business shooting weddings on weekends. Like many of my other hobbies, I always felt slightly inadequate, but competent enough to keep doing it.

The stress of weddings was my ultimate demise, causing me to sell all of my gear and call it quits.

However, I recently purchased an old Yashica FX-2 on eBay, and it has sparked a new interest in it for me.

I quickly learned that buying and developing film is quite expensive. So to put a cap on the amount of money I spend on the hobby, as well as a driving factor to keep me interested, I've decided to make a project out of it. I'll be shooting, developing, and posting one roll of film per month.

You can follow along over here on the Photography page. I'll group each month's photos into a single collection for viewing.