New Adventure: Helping Couples Make Date Night Simple With Datebox

Mar 24, 2017

Read time: 2 mins

As I've flown past milestones in my life – entering my third decade, buying a house, having a child – I've had time to develop and really nail down what I want for my life and career. I've been able to look forward 10, 20, 30 years into the future and see where I want to be – to write down words that describe what I want my life, legacy, and mission in this world to be.

For the last 5 1/2 years of my life, I have been small part of the talented development team at iThemes. Cory, Matt, and the entire iThemes team will forever feel like family to me. They will always be a beacon of light pointing to some of the best years of my life and my career.

I knew when taking the job initially it would be extremely difficult if I ever chose to leave. Don't get me wrong, working with and for friends (who become family) is the best way to go. I wouldn't have it any other way. Though at some point you're going to be put in a position where your loyalty to those friends/family will be pitted against what you feel is best for yourself, your family, and your career. When I explained this conundrum to a friend of mine recently, he calmly looked me in the eye and said "you can be loyal to yourself sometimes, too." The truth of that simple statement will stick with me for a while.

At the same time that I was fleshing out what I wanted my future to look like, I stumbled upon a local company named Datebox who were doing some really meaningful work by helping couples strengthen their relationship. They offer a monthly subscription box that provides a complete date for you and your significant other, delivered right to your door every month. On these dates, you'll do anything from roasting coffee beans, to having a relaxing spa night, or eating ice cream while having a dance party. Ultimately, Datebox provides a easy, fun, unique way to be intentional about deepening your relationship with your spouse or significant other. This opportunity to provide a lasting impact on couples also just happened to line up with some of the attributes I desired for my life/legacy to hold.

I immediately thought this idea was great, my interest was 100% piqued, and after doing some digging I also found that they were soon to be expanding and looking to hire for a position I was uniquely qualified for. So I reached out, met the team, and fell in love with the people and their passion in the mission of the company. Graciously they offered me a position.

All of that to say that today is my last day at iThemes. On Monday, I'll start a new adventure, helping couples make date night fun, easy, simple, and intentional at Datebox.