Everything That Rises Must Converge

By: Flannery O'Connor

Read time: 1 min

As my first foray into reading O’Connor, this was a delightful read. I’d heard many rave reviews of her writing, and I was not disappointed. This particular book is actually a collection of nine short stories published posthumously, in 1965.

Common themes across the stories include race, faith, and morality – set mostly in the Southern USA, during a period of darkness before/during the Civil Rights Era. O’Connor has a way of crafting flawed yet endearing characters that is truly unrivaled. The title story, and the first in the collection, was my favorite.

A good test of any story is the length of time you continue to think about it after putting it down. I found myself pondering the ways I saw the darkest parts of myself in the actions of both Julian and his mother. No matter how in tune I think I may be, I can always learn more, watch more, listen more.