“Strong opinions, loosely held” gets a bad rap, but I like it.

Speak loudly when you have an idea, show respect when a better one comes along.


Design for everyone. Too often, especially in the world of technology, we design for the majority and neglect the rest.

Consider users who have disabilities and create products that support a wide range of needs.


Building a great product is a team effort. Great teams are built around trust, communication, humility, and diversity of both people and ideas.

Find and utilize each team member’s unique perspectives and talents.


When designing a product, adding a new feature, or refactoring an old one, I believe in writing first.

Cast vision, give the why before the what, define in detail the problem before attempting a solution, be clear in your dialogue and writing.


I may not have all the answers, but I’m willing to find them. The process of learning is at times more fulfilling than the outcome.

Maintain a posture of learning through research and exploration.