I am a designer and developer with a decade of experience in building websites, products, and systems in a variety of industries.

The thing that I find most fulfilling about my work is seeing life and interactivity brought to interfaces through translating a design into functional, high performance, systematic code.

My insatiable curiosity paired with a penchant for learning quickly has proved valuable when tackling difficult challenges.

Technology Proficiency

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Ruby
  • Open Source software such as NPM, React, React Native, Ruby on Rails, WordPress (Contributor)
  • Build tools like SCSS/LESS and Babel
  • Modern bundlers such as Webpack and Parcel
  • AWS Lambda Functions in JavaScript
  • Design software such as Sketch, Figma, Photoshop
  • Project Management Tools such as Asana, Trello, Flow
  • Version Control with Git, some experience with SVN


Lead Front-End Developer - Rehash (now Pixel Union)
October 2018 - Present

Led the development of custom retail storefronts on the Shopify platform. Contributed to design and development of custom applications for merchants.

Developed internal libraries to efficiently execute custom storefronts, including a React application to provide a consistent shopping cart experience.

Lead Front-End Developer - Datebox (now Happily)
March 2017 - October 2018

Led front end development of all digital experiences including checkout flow, account management, podcast and media playback, and blog content.

Designed and developed a system to ensure consistency across digital products. This included documentation as well as production-ready code.

Designed, developed, and released a mobile application using React Native (iOS only).

Front-End Developer - iThemes
October 2011 - March 2017

UX Design and development for a variety of WordPress plugins which powered over 700,000 websites.

Designed and developed a web application providing remote management of multiple WordPress installations in a single dashboard. Organized and managed a product roadmap and prioritized feature releases.

Led development of an internal administration tool for customer and subscription management with React and a JSON API.


Southwestern Oklahoma State University (2004-2008)
B.A. - Communication