Maiden Home Order Management

For the last couple of years I have worked at Rehash, helping retail merchants reach their potential through design and development. Once such merchant required an order tracking and manufacturing flow that was outside of the feature-set that is built into the Shopify platform. We built a custom application that tracked Shopify Orders through a new set of stages, complete with customer communication along the way.

Their team was already familiar with the conventions of a Shopify Store admin, so we chose to build the tool with the Shopify Polaris design system and React components. This approach let us deliver an MVP in less than a month as well as the flexibility to quickly iterate new features as they scale.

I took a text based design approach on the initial build — writing out the details, content, and functionality in a UX Plan document. This supported and encouraged quick feedback and provided a documented outline of the screens necessary to build out using the aforementioned Polaris Design System.

Technology used:

  • React
  • SCSS
  • Webpack
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Shopify Polaris
  • GraphQL & JSON API

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